The thing about barre is…it’s hard, in the best way possible. Because some of the best things in life aren’t easy! Length and strength is the name of the game just grab a chair, a table, a kitchen counter top or take your kid or spouse and ask them to hold a table top position cause you’re the boss. Don’t forget it.

BARRE – STRETCH 1 (15 Minutes)
Because sometimes you just need 15 minutes with your breath and your body.
BARRE – CARDIO 1 (30 Minutes)
For the days when your goal is to sweat with intention. This 30 minutes class moves swiftly so have your remote with you in case you need that rewind button and a surface or chair for added stability
BARRE – STRENGTH 1 (30 Minutes)
This is all about strengthening & lengthening. This 30 minutes class covers a wide range of movements to build strength in your legs, glutes, & core.
BARRE – FLOOR 1 (15 Minutes)
Looking for a low impact but feel good opportunity to lengthen and tone? In 15 minutes time we will burn that booty, strengthen that core and lengthen your hamstrings all without plyometrics or fancy movements. All you need is you, your mat and a can-do attitude!

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